Saturday, November 17, 2007

Land of the Lost

The classroom, if not properly tamed, is home to the wilds. Literally. Don’t you agree? In this case you also have to remember though that you are dealing with people. Young people to be exact, who are still seeking lost identities and principles.

I’m sure that most of you were able to experience different teachers and instructors, and found them either amusing, boring, despicable, lovable, horrible, or just plain “she/he’s a teacher, I don’t think he/she is human.”

What do you think made those teachers and instructors the way they are to you? Can you remember some of them who you would like to recall and tell us a story about it? What kind of strategies did he/she use? What didn’t he/she use?

Nope, sorry. No showbiz today.

Dep Eddie

We just finished discussing the ADDIE Model in class and how it affects the quality of instruction. I do hope that you learned a lot from the discussions and the fact that as future teachers you will one day be able to apply it in your own workplace.

Let’s take a look at the national scene though. Until recently DepEd has posited that public schools will soon be connected in the form of cyberclassrooms *– students being able to access schoolwork and other school-based activities through the Internet. Although news still is not very clear about how this would be done, I am sure that budget-wise the biggest factor for the project would be the availability of state-of-the-art facilities (equipment such as computers, airconditioned rooms, etc) and licensed software (which you all know, are very expensive), training, and a lot of other necessary purchases and preparations.

If you were to apply a system-oriented model (or the ADDIE in general) to this project, what do you think will be problematic about the situation? Can the project be justified in lieu of the state of public schools today? Do you think Judy Ann Santos and Ryan Agoncillo will ever marry? Do tell.

* Note: I will be including hyperlinks, such as this word: cyberclassrooms, in many of the articles for more information on certain topics. These hyperlinks are clickable which will take you to the resource link. If you are using Mozilla Firefox, I would suggest you right-click on it and use "Open in New Tab." If you are using Internet Explorer, do the same if it is IE 7.0 or higher. If it is lower, use right-click, "Open in New Window." Cheers.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Welcome to Class

I would like to welcome you all to our online sessions. Please feel free to speak your mind!