Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Realities

Moore's law provides that the computer's advancement is exponential and it has no other direction but to increase computer power. This may not be such an understandable gibberish for many educators, but for scientists, engineers, and enthusiasts alike, all it says is that we could expect more things that our computers can do for the future.

But how are things in the educational world? The OLPC Project has been trying to break wave to put a suitable, economical, and powerful form of computing unlike any other in the hands of the public. The Project aims to provide each child from a Third World country to have in his fingertips a computer that should help him learn more and communicate through the Internet. Such a project would not come into fruition if not for the fast-paced advancement of computer technology. However, one would think that with such an advancement, we should be progressing intellectually both as educators and as students.

How would you assess the current situation? Are we overestimating the value of advanced computers and rely on it to further education? What are your thoughts regarding the use of such technologies in the hands of our school children? Why do we use bleach with white socks?


angeline de rojas said...

i think we cannot overestimate the value of computers in today's society having a background in computers is a must to be able to compete in todays fast paced society. computers are the future, there's no sense denying that. the current trend now is to educate students so that they will be able to fully take advantage of this new and powerful tool for education. for the last question "why do we use bleach for white socks?" its because, we dont have to fear about collateral damage.

Elizadee cuevas said...

The technology especially computer cannot be overestimate. The power of computer is really advantage,to the society and to the education. The teachers must be knowledgeable by using computer to the learners. In a proper guidance and teaching the child learn more about computer education.We use bleach for white socks for the stain.

kokok tan said...

i think we can assess the situations regarding our computers by accepting that having our computers helps us do our works faster than our normal ways.

yeah, i think we are overestimating our computer nowadays. because we are relying and sometimes depending on it now.

so, the people should know. and most especially the teachers and students should understand that it's not wrong to use computers in schools. but.. it should be balanced, balanced in a way that you are more using your brain more than the brain of the computer.